June 29, 2021

Right Now

Me and Jonny. Not right now. But not that long ago either.

I feel it's my duty to blog, but only for a moment. For if I spend more than a moment blogging right now, I feel as if I'm taking myself away from the things that might actually further my career.

These things include:

1. My first book. I'm writing it now.

2. My first "How to Video" Proposal. I'm writing it now. I hope it will be accepted and I will shoot it almost right now.

3. My first article for a major woman's magazine. I'm writing it as soon as my editor gives me the go ahead. That could be almost right now, since right she's probably sleeping right now.

4. Another book proposal. I'm going to start working on it in a few weeks. This is potentially for a book that makes me so happy to think about, I could pee my pants. Not that I can't do that anyway. I mean it's really easy to pee yourself, especially for me, especially when I laugh or sneeze too hard. That's when it often just happens. Even though I practice my kegel exercises, sometimes I can't help it. But sometimes I can. One day I think I'm going to wear Depends undergarments, just to see how long I can pee myself without leaking. But that's not right now, that's another day, when it's not right now.

Posted by jamye at June 29, 2021 10:47 PM