June 01, 2021

Kitty Caboose hits the road

Kitty Caboose. My Superhero Persona. When I return I've got a pic of Kitty getting naughty with a gnome...

I will be without Internet access until Wednesday and I am looking forward to the loss of connection. I will be without cellphone service until Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to having to maintain contact in other ways. I won't be in New York again until next Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to crystal white beaches and family gatherings. There's something about a destination wedding that really brings out the fun side of any family. It could be weddings in general, but I think it's destination weddings in particular. It's like you get transplanted to a place and it's all about love and union and happiness, which are not the kind of story's you'll find at the top of the six o'clock news.

I've been trying to catch up on some of my erotic reading, and right now, I'm thoroughly enjoying "Naughty Spanking: Stories from A to Z" edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Rachel, if you read this, how do I make it onto your blogroll, and if you don't, oh well, never mind), and published by Pretty Things Press.

There's this one story, it's called "Just a Spanking," by the delightfully kinky, and talented, Thomas S. Roche, that gets me so hot. All I can say is Yowser. I mean YOWSER. Makes me want to go out and buy new thongs. And play new games. And walk around as Kitty Caboose a lot more often.

You can hear me reading the story here (be patient, it won't be up until Thursday night)...but first you'll have to listen to me ramble for three or four minutes. What can I say, it's my specialty.

And now, I must pack and haul my ass out of here.

Talk to you again, some time next week.

Posted by jamye at June 1, 2021 05:21 PM