May 30, 2021

Loving Morty Diamond

I have no time to write anything else. Got home yesterday. Fly to Chicago tomorrow. Hopefully catch my flight home - will have less than an hour to get to the airport and get on the plane. Will be carrying dildos in my bag, which I'm sure will just help me breeze through security. Thursday day - meeting with big woman's magazine. Thursday night - drive out to my parents to return the car I've borrowed for the past two weeks just so I could go to Delaware and DC. Fly to Mexico Friday. Return again next Tuesday, but leave for Missouri on Saturday. Have a number of writing deadlines. Have a number of other deadlines. Insert bitch. Insert moan. Insert get a fucking life, I'm complaining about vacations and luxury problems.

Okay. I'm sorry.

I do love Morty Diamond!


New York, NY -- May 25, 2021

Transgender artist Morty Diamond, is set to perform a new provocative live
public performance piece titled Ask A Tranny on the streets of New York City
in June 2006. The simplicity of the performance, sitting behind a small desk
with a sign above it reading Ask A Tranny, gives way to the intricacies of
how the public might react to a trans person outing themselves. By inserting
himself into the cultural dialogue this way Morty is making himself a
conscious spectacle, trying to discover how the public truly feels about
trans people. Ask A Tranny gives the viewer a chance to be a voyeur by
having a trans person in front of them proclaiming their gender identity
loud and clear. Talking about his new performance Morty says “I am a trans
person who happens to pass as male every day of my life. Yet, I am shedding
this skin and proclaiming myself loud and clear, and the consequence of this
is a total mystery.”

Morty will be out on the streets of New York City performing Ask A Tranny
from noon to 6pm on Saturday June 10th in Union Square directly across from
Whole Foods, and noon to 6pm Sunday June 11th in Times Square around 42nd
Street and Broadway, with subsequent dates to follow.

Morty Diamond is best known for his performance piece in 2005 titled My Year
In Pink in which he wore only the color pink for the whole year. The Village
Voice proclaimed him “Best Man In Pink” in their Best Of New York yearly
review in 2005. Morty has also dipped his hand into the filmmaking genre
with his trans porno Trannyfags (2004). Morty is available for interviews by
contacting him by email at

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