March 01, 2021

March 01

In like a lion, out like a lioness with cubs to protect. That's how I predict this March to play out.


Feels good to roar, doesn't it?

Feels better than waking up at 6AM to take your grandmother for cataract surgey. She's doing well, btw. But taking your grandmother for cataract surgery feels good to, because I know I've helped her, especially since you can't have cataract surgery by yourself. They won't let you drive afterwards since you don't really see all that well. And it doesn't matter that I left her purse in the waiting room while I ran out for a few minutes. I mean, it was there when I returned, which was better than anything else that happened today, because if it hadn't been there I would have hated myself for a very long while. I mean, it was only a few weeks ago when I insisted she drive us the five blocks to her local diner, and she still managed to get in a car accident. As if that wasn't enough guilt (and trust me, it was, she was so visibly shaken the rest of the day, and the only thing that was hurt on the car was the front fender), had I lost her purse, with everything in it, I think I could have cried like a baby.

But this has nothing to do with sex. And I want to talk about sex.

Spending a day with my grandmother got me thinking about older people and sex. I'm talking older as in 70+. Do you think the more active an older person's sex life, the more likely they are to have abundant energy and a better memory?

I ask for personal reasons, but I'd love to know your thoughts for professional ones. My thought is yes, definitely the more sexually active you are, and the older you get, the more youthful you will look, act and feel.

But I'm just making this stuff up based on my own observations. Not that I think most surveys aren't similarly made up stuff, just questions answered by larger groups of people. So, let this be my survey.

Posted by jamye at March 1, 2021 10:02 PM