February 10, 2021

It's all about timing


(hope I got your attention)

I'm going to be LIVE on the Radio Chick's show on the former 92.3 KRock, old home of Howard Stern, and new home of 92.3 Free FM, and yes, David Lee Roth.

Call in at 866-313-FREE and maybe we'll get to chat on air.

And my next Relationshifts blog is up at Souldish:

Is timing everything or is it no big deal at all? Is it intentional or totally coincidental? Is timing the catalyst for beginnings and the facilitator of ends?

And, I had a great night at the Museum of Sex hosted by the Sinclair Insititute (they make the better sex video series). I got to chat it up with America's top sex therapists and educators, and media too! I'm going to check out the Sinclair Insititute's new line of sexploration videos, featuring twelve 'attractive' couples (hey, this is what the box says). I'll let you know if they're worth it, the videos, not the couples. We get a DVD player tomorrow, and I think J. and I might have to stay home tomorrow night and play with it. Yeah!!!

Posted by jamye at February 10, 2021 10:12 AM