January 27, 2021

Moving Day (again)

It could be worse. I could have this much crap.

Packing has made me insane, as in crazy like a fox, although I've never fully understood the term, nor used it before, but today it feels appropriate. Countdown, less than five hours til we move. This is my third move in 19 months. At least I'm only moving four blocks. At least I'm not moving back into the roach-infested housing projects.

I want to write so much on the fine points of moving in with your lover, but I'm still staring at all the crap I've acquired over the past lifetime and wondering why it never felt like so much before?

And, it's also the first day I'm posting on Souldish. My column is called Relationshifts and while I try to work out how to write this thing, I'm posting the rest of this as my first installation. So here's a teaser. Read the rest here:

Iím moving in with him* today. Itís kind of crazy, and strange and super comfortable all at the same time. They say that living together changes everything and weíll soon find out because everythingís about to change. Well, I mean, our situation is about to change. Weíre moving in together. Thatís different than me moving in with him. This way, weíre getting a new space, a new place to create new things together. I didnít want to move into his space, and I didnít want him to move into mine. Space issues create problems, and having a new space makes it easier to share. Because neither of us had our own way with it before. And now, like playdoh, itís ours to mold...

Posted by jamye at January 27, 2021 09:47 AM