December 14, 2021

Pistil Magazine and then some...


Iíve been a bad, bad girl. Well, maybe not a bad girl, but Iíve neglected my writing a lot over the past week, ironically it comes at a time when I should have more time on my hands than I used to, but somehow it feels like I have less.

I got ďlaid offĒ from my full time job last week, but the only differences so far are in my lack of regular paychecks, my lack of health insurance and my lack of office work. And I canít say that I donít miss number three (not that I numbered them, but if I had the office work would have been number three), because I have never been a big fan of having to go to a particular destination for a set amount of days every week and work in a white cubicle, under florescent lights (even though I had my overhead light turned off) wasting away. Yes, I know, Iím complaining about a luxury problem, one that millions of people wish they could have, but working in an office has a way of deflating my spirit. So now I made my home office in the sparse living room of my Brooklyn apartment and Iím happy to be able to look directly out a window, even if across the street itís all about construction. They seem to be demolishing every old building in Williamsburg to make way for new high rise condoís or coops. By the time they build these places I hope to be out of New York, but thatís another dream for another time.

So, yeah, even though I got ďlaid offĒ (I just love using that term) I will probably freelance for the TV channel and am definitely going to still be writing my column for the magazine, and I do still believe in all thatís going on, so thatís a good thing, yíknow, to have faith - especially around the holiday season. Even though, on another note, I think it sucks to get laid off around the holidays. But money or no money, Iím not that worried, Iíve never let that green piece of paper rule my world.

On another note: Pick up a copy of Pistil magazine, the Fall Issue Ė itís the ďGutsĒ issue .They interview 5 Groundbreakers Ė all women with guts, and Iím one of the interviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I must say itís one interview that Iím really loving, except for a few typos, like itís not Feminists for Freedom of Expression itís Feminists for Free Expression, and other less big things like that. But as for the writing, and the story, it makes me look really good. So buy Pistil and support this local Chicago based magazine because I said so (and Iím in it).

More details about life, love and everything in between tomorrow, becauseĖ believe it or not Ė Iím still cleaning up from my change.

Posted by jamye at December 14, 2021 10:07 PM