December 12, 2021

I love change

I've said that before.

Santacon 2005

I realized something worth realizing today.

Did you ever realize that if you think about writing, your writing tends to suffer?

That's not what I realized today, but it's something I'm thinking about right now.

Today I realized that my life is changing. My life is not about to change anymore, but it's actually going through that physical transformation, that total freedom you can only experience by actually feeling free to do things - on your terms - the way you want to. Tonight I'm starting with the apartment. It's not my ideal living space but I've moved my desk to the livingroom, so now I have an office, and I'm about to go clean and move furniture around in the bedroom.

And then there will be so much more to say...but right now I have to make a change.

Posted by jamye at December 12, 2021 08:05 PM