December 02, 2021

Bug in my i.

A bicycle hit me on 14th Street today. I didn't fall over, but when I looked up to realize what had happened, he had peddled off. He hit the bag carrying the Hanukkah present I had just bought my father. There are tire tracks on the brown paper bag. He should have stopped to say he was sorry.

I was particularly upset because not less than ten minutes before that, a bug flew into my left eye. Yes flew straight into my eye, as if he never even saw me. It happened so quickly that I didn't react. Not that I'm sure how I could have reacted, except to try to swat the damn thing away. But I didn't and therefore it hit a bullseye (pun intended, but bad pun indeed).

Now, the bug is still in my eye. And my eye feels black and blue. I hope it just disintegrates, because I'm not sure where it is or how to get it out. I'm going to try to flush my eye with water. It hurts when I blink.


I just flushed my eye with water and got the bug out!!! I'm a bit grossed out because I literally had to pluck it out of my eye, but at least it's out!!!!!! This is a picture of the bug:

Granted it doesn't look like much, but let's talk after you've had it in your eye for four hours.

Posted by jamye at December 2, 2021 08:28 PM