November 28, 2021

Classes I'm teaching and then some vagina!!!!

Things I should have mentioned, but I haven't.

Ho, Ho, giant...

I'm teaching a class this Sunday at Babeland (formerly Toys in Babeland) - the Mercer Street location - in New York. Tickets are $30 and it's a class about exploring your sex life through the senses. This is not a class about learning to orgasm or even how to get to orgasm by rubbing your genitals in any way, it's about foreplay and ADDING other things to your sexual repetoire. Oh, and it starts at 8PM. If you want tickets, you should call the Babeland store, or stop by the shop at 43 Mercer St. Their phone number is 212-966-2120.

Now..I'm also starting a series of salons that I'm uber excited about. This first salon is only open to women, so that I can create a comfortable space for ladies to talk about sex. The premier salon will be happening on Tuesday, December 13th, from 8-10PM at Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome Street - between Forsyth and Eldridge, in New York City. If you want to attend this class, you need to contact me directly at and let me know how many people are coming (not literally coming of course). It's going to be totally cool, and we have the whole bar to ourselves, so there will be plenty of comfortable space for juicy girl talk! The salon will be divided into two sections, one about how to please your man...complete with tips and techniques, and the second about how to please yourself!!! The price is $40 and it includes two drinks and a goody bag. And I truthfully think its totally worth it.

Okay, now that I've talked about my class schedule, here's something I've been wondering...

When you lose weight, does your vaginal opening get smaller too? (or vice versa when you gain it back)

It's just something I've been thinking about since I've lost about 20 lbs. But, according to L. Lewis Wall, M.D., a reconstructive pelvic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the answer is no. It's practicing your kegel excercises that actually changes the strength and feel of the vaginal musles...but I knew that already, it was the weight thing I was curious about.

And here's some other useless but interesting vaginal news, from

Average Vagina Size
3 inches along the posterior wall with a diameter of 0.8 inches, though in stimulated phase it balloons to 3.75-4.1 in long by 2.3-2.5 inches in diameter.

Average Clitoris Length
1 inch, though the part that shows, called the clitoral glans, is 0.20 inches long.

I guess you can say I've got vagina on the brain...

Posted by jamye at November 28, 2021 04:19 PM