November 21, 2021

The Stud Farm

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Kudos to Heidi Fleiss. Using her "talents" to help satisfy the needs of female clientele when it comes to sex. She's opening a Stud Farm to cater to women who are looking for some action, without any strings attached. Like Dennis Hof's Bunny Ranch in Nevada, the Stud Farm (a conceptual brothel to be opened sometime in the near future) will be located in Southern Nevada. Nevada gets is, but why is the rest of the country so far behind when it comes to legalizing the sex trade? Now, another question, will women be enough of a clientele, or will the Stud Farm also allow gay or bisexual men to pay it a visit. Or will that turn women away? Not that it should, but it might...

I'm all for a place that caters to women, and I work for a company that would like to be dependent on the fact that women want sex and sexy things, but I'm still curious about clientele. Fleiss and her business partners should gear their farm towards women, and in doing so maybe women will continue to come out of the closet about their sexual appetites. Not that all women, just like not all men, have sexual appetites. I'm just saying that more women do than we're given credit for. I for one, love sex.

seguing to relevant but not really relevant paragraph:

My friend Rachel is writing one of her Village Voice column's about going "home" for the holidays - meaning going home with your boyfriend or girlfriend for the holidays. I'm heading to Missouri with my lover (didn't want to use the term boyfriend in the sentence after the sentence in which I just used the term) so I eagerly volunteered to be interviewed for the piece. One of the questions she asked was, "Are you planning on having sex while with the family?" I had to laugh, because, going back to the sexual appetite thing for a minute, I love sex, and have a large, voracious appetite, and in order to satiate me, of course I'll have sex in a town with a population of less than 200, and yes, meaning, yes, I'll have sex at his parents house. My response to Rachel was, "we better have sex, I love sex." Which is why I'm curious about the succ-sex of the Stud Farm.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program

I won't be visiting the Stud Farm, but that's only because I don't think my stud-at-home wants to share me with other studs. And I'm cool with that. Now, if I were single and looking for a good story, which as a single girl I was always looking for a good story, then yes, I might have to see it for myself. But then again, I could go to the Bunny Ranch, and meet a nice lady, and the offer has been extended to me by the owner himself, but I've never taken him up on it, so why would I want to do this?

Now here's the major obstacle I see for in the Stud Farm's future. Women don't have to pay for sex, we can usually find a willing participant, so is the Stud Farm really going to give women something they can't get anyway..well, I guess maybe they can get a prettier man than they usually would if they're paying for him, but other than that, what's a woman going to get out of this that she can't get for free at home?

Men don't need attachment or the emotional stability. Men (usually) don't care if you don't call after the first f*ck. Men don't need to see you again.

So, what are you paying for?

Posted by jamye at November 21, 2021 05:07 PM