October 15, 2021



I met the cutest boy in NYC today, sitting at a coffee shop on the Lower East Side. His name was Jokima, although I'm not sure how to spell it, and he looked like my brother had looked when he was a little kid. Jokima spoke Italian, English and Spanish and he was simply adorable. He was sitting at the table next to us, when he tried to talk to Jonny. I noticed how he ate his bagel, how he avoided eating the "crust" as he called it, which meant he had left over 2/3 of the fluffy, doughy white bread goodness that I can't allow myself to eat anymore (because of my thryoid thing, at least that's why i tell myself I don't eat wheat).

When I took a seat across from him, he just looked at me with these big brown eyes and said "You can sit next to me if you'd like." I couldn't resist, he was so cute. We talked about his hobbies, where he lived, the fact the he saw a mouse this morning (he doesn't much like mice) and that the lady he was sitting with was his babysitter and not his mother. I wanted to babysit him for a day. To remember what it's like to have an imagination that runs free and wild. He was one of the most intellectually voracious boys I've ever met in NYC.

And he was five years old.

Posted by jamye at October 15, 2021 05:28 PM