October 03, 2021

Why do we have Mondays?

madagascar10.05 011.jpg Me with my coconut headset. Courtesy of Madagascar Institute.

I used to hate Mondays because it meant going back to school. Now I just hate Mondays...well, most of the time...

While I can't say it's a bad day, I can say it's a things are going their own way sort of day.

First - I woke up around 7AM after having one of those really scary, someone might kill me in my sleep, dreams. In this dream, I shared a front door with my sister, although we had separate apartments, and when I was locking the communal door, there was a strange man sitting outside of it. He asked me for something, I don't remember what it was, but something that I didn't want to give him so I said no. Then I locked the door - there were four locks on the door - and as I was about to turn I noticed that the locks were starting to turn the other way. This strange man had copied our keys and was proceeding to unlock our front door. Fortunately there was a hole in the door, a pretty big hole, and I found a way to grab the keys from him before he finished unlocking all the locks, and I stopped him from breaking and entering. But for some reason I knew that he was going to stay outside my door until morning and wait for me, and for some other reason, there was nothing I could do about it. I didn't like the dream one bit.

Next - I left my cell phone at home this morning, which is quite nice actually, because I don't have the option of always being in touch with the outside world, unless of course it's through email, and while it sucks to not have any important numbers, I know a few numbers by heart, and I will just have to wait to talk to other people.

And then - I not only spilled tea all over the elevator, but I spilled a hot soy chai latte all over myself this morning. It stained my pants a little, but it was more the wet hotness that I didn't enjoy. It was definitely the cups fault, as for some "unexplainable" reason that damn cup got distorted from the heat and the top kept popping off.

Speaking of popping off, I've been watching some really dark Playgirl vignettes. One features a lady locked in a cage lapping up milk. Strange perhaps but true. This is what I'm doing today.

But yesterday was another story. The Madagascar Institute, which I'm not sure how they'd want to be described, so I'll just describe them as this bad ass street performance group that loves to build things and blow other things up, had this Cargo Cult event. We traveled to Roosevelt Island, an island right across from Manhattan (around the 59th St. bridge). It's where they used to send all the "undesirables" but now it seems to be a quaint place to live. It's a really walkable island, I'm not sure how many residents even have cars, or how they get cars onto the island. I did see a lot of wheelchairs though, and I hear there are a lot of hospitals there too. Anyway, we were following this street performance group and it was fun and eventually this balloon plane was supposed to land on this "slip-n-slide" type landing strip, but it broke from it's fishing rod string and flew over to the isle of Manhattan. It was so funny to see this badly made cardboard plane being held up by garbage bags filled with helium balloons flying towards Gracie Mansion. I wish I could have seen it from the other perspective, the perspective of someone who didn't have a clue what was going on. Not that I'm helping in my description of events. It's just hard to explain Madagascar. I think that's they way they want it actually.

But I got to ride the Roosevelt Island Tram for the first time. Now that's excitment!!!

Posted by jamye at October 3, 2021 05:23 PM