October 01, 2021

The nexxxt step


I was invited to lunch yesterday with a fairly-to-very powerfully influential man in the news/ entertainment blog industry. He wanted to talk with me about the possibility of writing for one of his sites, so he took me to one of those fancy "I could never afford to eat here for fun" type places where we eventually agreed that I wasn't the right person for the job. Still, during the course of our chatter, I reintroduced him to the restaurant's really good french fries and he gave me some totally invaluable insight, which, made me very happy to share my very yummy "it must be the mayo dipping sauce" french fries with him.

So, there should be at least one change to my site on Monday. Not to this blog, but to other parts of the site, which will include the addition of one more blog. I'll send out the birth announcement after it happens, because once I go through with this, it will feel like I gave birth to a baby. A baby that won't cry, didn't require me to limit my alcohol consumption for the past nine months, and didn't cause me pain with the possibility of stitches from my pussy to my ass.

Of course, things might not change in my life until later in the week, but I'm hoping for a big push on Monday. I'm going to add more writing to my repetoire and I hope I can sustain the amount of work I plan on creating for myself. See, this other site, it won't have any of this annoying "I don't know who you are, so why should I care what you ate for dinner?" type writing.

Basically, after years of working in the sex industry, I've decided to go pro. But not in the way that might sound, but maybe in the way it could sound, depending on how you interpret it to sound.

Posted by jamye at October 1, 2021 05:06 PM