August 03, 2021


Jamye-with-dildo-2.jpg Content?

I am fascinated by this site, or maybe I'm just fascinated with the fact that Jesus loves everybody including porn stars and strippers and other sex-crazed individuals (yes, I'm being a bit facetious) about the fact that Jesus, who is supposed to be all loving, and who dated a whore if I'm not mistaken, but then again I don't know my new testament at all, would even care to separate one person and their profession from the next. Still, according to Matthew's Church, there is separation between people who work in or are "addicted" to sex, and people who are not.

I went to the ayurvedic doctor this morning. Basically he told me I am not well, and at 30, it's not what I want to be hearing. Apparently the fact that I have a thyroid condition means that my liver and kidneys are f**ked up. Plus, I have an irregular heartbeat..or my heart tends to skip a beat. He had no idea why, maybe it's genetic, but he stuck needles in my feet and hands and in between my thumb and pointer finger, a spot that hurt quite a bit. I'm going back in a few weeks, and trying to work on getting spiritually in tune..he said I needed to meditate and to remember that suffering is worse than death..but he didn't say the two things together, like that..I'm a little bit more than a little bit bummed about the heart skipping thing, but am going to try to heal myself as I move forward.

Moving forward. My website is getting to a good place of getting done. I'm hoping that before I leave on my two week adventure an initial concept will be in place. The woman designing it is super cool and she really got the colors and scheme down on the first attempt. Now, it's up to me to get the content. I'm over it being just a blog. I want to offer more.

Content and content..To be and to get...

Posted by jamye at August 3, 2021 04:23 PM