July 24, 2021

I love Lucy

In less than ten minutes I must write this blog and post it. That's when the coffeeshop that I'm sitting in will close, and therefore I will lose the right to access their free wireless Internet. Oh, sometimes life can be so cruel (yes - sense the sarcasm, sense it, sense it).

It's been a long weekend, full of not all that many "exciting" events, although, to me, the person involved in the participation of said events, it was much more exciting, than to a person who would just here them in list form on some strange(r) persons blog.

1. enjoy love
2. socialize with friends
3. attend grandfather's unveiling

Not all that much traveling, although today involved a trip to Laurelton, the town where my mother grew up, and until today I wasn't sure where Laurelton was (It's in Queens).

I got very upset over a $13.50 roundtrip ticket to the town my parents call home, and instead of not caring so much about something I didn't have, that would be the ticket, I had a couple of Lucy like tantrums instead. See, the conductor forgot to give me my ticket and I was to sleepy to remember to look at the other two tickets he handed to me, and it was really my fault just as it was his "bad service follow-thru" (okay, I'm still a little bit cranky, but not really), and I was just frustrated.

We all have our moments, and eventually mine came to an end, no really, it did. And today I miss my grandfather, even if we didn't talk about him all that much on a day that the family got together to memorialize him in some way.

Because life ends too, just like my time at the coffeeshop, eventually we all close down.

Posted by jamye at July 24, 2021 10:04 PM