July 14, 2021



I tried some green powder in my water yesterday and it put a zing in my step. It's some all green shite that you order online, and it's got wheatgrass and like a million other grasses and stems and berries and stuff, and it's blended into this powder that's supposed to only taste bad if your body is really out of whack. I was sort of afraid to sample the elixir, as I was sure that, as of yesterday, my body was on it's way out..or at least on it's way to repair by going into major shutdown mode, but alas, the green water tasted like a yummy tea. So, I'm feeling like the sun is shining and the sky is bright and life is good, even if I might have nodes on my throat.

I bought some homeless couple a slice of pizza on my way to grab a drink with some friends last night. They were mumbling, "would you buy us a slice of pizza?" and people kept passing by as if they didn't exist. I walked right by them as well, but I decided that there was a pizza place just steps from where they were begging, and if I could afford to tip the bartender a dollar just for pouring me a drink, then I could afford to feed some hungry people. I only bought them one slice, so I wasn't all that generous, but after my last bad pizza with a homeless person negative experience (the pregnant homeless lady that took the warm pizza slice I bought her and put it under her armpit and kept on begging for change), I didn't want to take a chance and feel disillusioned all over again. So I bought the slice, brought it to them, and continued walking. Of course I stopped at the next corner to make sure they were enjoying their pizza, and that I was enjoying my piece of mind and I remembered my take on the homeless from when I was just a child, uncertain of why anybody had to be homeless.

I used to want to feed them all, and thought that if they knew about the Nathan's by my house, or the Roy Rogers free fixin' bar, they wouldn't have to go without food. They could just walk into any of the aforementioned food joints, and fix themselves some pickles and kraut and perhaps a little mustard and ketchup. But at least they could eat...for free...and until they got kicked out. I used to want to help them all, to bring money into the city and to distribute the contents of my piggy bank to all the men and women sleeping on steps or sidewalks or whatever...but now I think that most of these people should get jobs. Even if they're sucky jobs, they should still get them nonetheless.

Still, I'll help out when I can.

Posted by jamye at July 14, 2021 12:50 PM