June 15, 2021

I've been stalked

And although this isn't the first time, "Jamye no likey being followed."

Okay. Last night. Why, btw, do I feel like I have much less time to post on this blog than I used to? Is it really because I have less time, because there is still the same amount of time in any given day, or is it that I just don't find the time to post as often as I once did?

Okay. Let's try this again. Last night. Walking on 49th St and 7th Ave. in Manhattan, I passed the entrance to one of the many subway stations this great city has, and there, walking by, was a slightly retarded man in a really ugly, loud, red, yellow and white print shirt. He commented on my bag, well, the fact that my bag had a lot of pins on it (pins like I love my cunt and polish your pearl)...and I politely smiled and kept walking. I turned the corner and sauntered into a pub to meet up with someone and that's when I realized that he was still admiring my pins, or something like that.

The greeter at the front door asked if we needed a table for two, and while I didn't turn my head, I knew he was behind me. I told her "no, Jamye no likey being followed." Okay, I didn't say the Jamye no likey part, but I like writing that today. I did, however, continue walking forward and realized that now he was in the bar with me. Fortunately I found the girl I was meeting and as soon as I told her (and the bartender) that some guy followed me into the bar, he left.

Don't follow me retarded man!!! I don't care how much you like my pins. I should have turned around and screamed "Stop following me," but I just didn't have the energy to shout. I was really hungry.

Oh, and I should have mentioned that last night I was on Sirius Radio's Derek and Romaine show on the OutQ channel. Playgirl Magazine got me the gig, and I should have posted it so that maybe someone could have listened, but yesterday was so busy and I didn't. The past is the past. Live and learn. Maybe you can hear it in archives?

Although that would be a form of following too..only very different than stalking...very different..

Posted by jamye at June 15, 2021 12:08 PM