June 07, 2021

Back in Action

The Wedding

I needed to be in Santa Fe last week, for the wedding - the one that brought two of the most ridiculously, incredible and insanely in love people I've ever met together for that thing I'm not so sure I'm keen on (MARRIAGE). It didn't matter how I feel about the fact that marriage is limiting and restricted to certain types of people, because these were the types of people that should be married. I'm talking not-from-this-planet-amazing (nftpa) people.

There were like 200 guests at this wedding in New Mexico, which tells you a lot about these "nftpa" people since most of us had to fly in to be there. 80 friends, actually 80 of the sassiest, smartest and sexiest friends I've ever seen in one place.

There was not an unaccomplished person in the house, which of course made me feel like the small, stupid hypochondriac I so often feel like in the presence of so many great souls..but then I realized I was there to, so that must have meant something...see, I'm on a positive upswing!!!

I spent Thursday late afternoon in a sweat lodge with 11 other estrogen enhanced beings and we prayed and purged and got ready for the most spiritually fulfilling weekend I think I've ever had. Oh, and I learned that if you have disconnected sex it can suck your energy for up to seven years!!! SEVEN years!!! I am so done with that.

There's so much to tell. I connected with beings that I was meant to know a long time ago but never could get it together to meet or really talk. I feel like my life is totally venturing on to some "other" path, and this is not a path I have thought much about until this past year. Well, okay, that's not quite true, I have thought about it a lot, but I haven't really put much effort into trying to understand these thoughts.

Anyway..This was a completely girl bonding experience.
And there's nothing like natural hot springs on a Sunday afternoon..

Oh, and how crazy is this?! When we returned last night (we being me and and another of the ladies on the trip who happens to be amazing - of course) the cab in front of us had the number 6D66...

After a weekend of bliss, there was no way you could get me in that car...

If you're in New York today..Stop by..

Tuesday June 7 12:00 - 4:00


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