May 26, 2021

Five Rules for Heavy Drinking

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I'm done being bored with my own blog. So today's a new day and it's all about (5) things you should or shouldn't do on a night of getting majorly fucked up on booze. Not that I was majorly fucked up last night, even though I was a little silly, but if I had been really screwed....

Five rules for Heavy Drinking

1. Don't call anybody drunk. And especially don't call your boyfriend drunk. He doesn't want a sloppy, annoying, slurring every other word call at 11PM professing your love for him. It's not cool and it's not going to make him love you any more.

2. Don't incessantly talk nonsense, or try to engage in deep conversation when you're head may be spinning. Nothing of any value will ever come from these conversations, and more likely, if you have a big mouth, you will say something inevitably stupid and controversial and you may lose a friend.

3. Drink water. More water than you think you need to drink.

4. Don't hang on people. They need their personal space and your stinky alcohol breath isn't all that keep a distance of a least a few feet.

5. Make sure you know where you personal shit is. Whatever that means to you.

Posted by jamye at May 26, 2021 08:03 PM