May 06, 2021

Nuttin' 2 Say

Here - I'm staring out the window at this amazing view. The Manhattan Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge. Even the Verazzano. Here as in the building which is home to the apartment most of my friends are beginning to think I'm crazy for living in. Yes, it really is the projects, but I have this amazing view and fairly cheap rent. Although, yes, I will admit, at times I don't feel all that safe.

I don't like to come home late at night because of where I live. You never know who you'll encounter when you come home late at night and you try to get in the front door. Last night there was a guy waiting at the buzzer trying to "visit his girlfriend". He was calling various people asking them to let him in. He said his girlfriend lived in the building but he couldn't remember her apartment number because he smoked too much pot. Then in the elevator he not only showed us his pot collection, the bags and bags he carried, but he goes into his other pocket and exclaims

I've also got coke!

Why would you tell this to me drug boy? You don't know me from Eve and I may be a cop, as cops like to frequent housing in the projects. Why are you showing me all your drugs? Are you really that dumb? And don't piss me off too much because I've just seen a play with a talking sock puppet and I'm in no mood to deal.

I feel better.

We get into the apartment, not with the boy with the drugs, although he did try to get off the elevator as I said "next floor buddy"...but I think he was just trying to get off the elevator because he really was that damn stupid and he really didn't remember why he had even gotten in the elevator, accept to show me his weed, oh, yeah, and to see his girlfriend...and then when we got inside K. says "he wasn't her boyfriend, he was a drug dealer."


"Yeah." she says. "Nobody has that many neatly packaged drug packets on their person at any given time if they aren't in the mood to sell."

I am so naive.

We're shooting again Monday, instead of tonight, because it looks like rain here in NYC. It's then that I'm going to have to go up to random strangers and ask them what they think about blowjobs and licking pussy.

At least then being as naive as a child, and just as inquisitive as one, is going to pay off. At least I hope. One thing I know is I'm really looking forward to this.

Living in the projects. Making porn. What will I think of next?

Posted by jamye at May 6, 2021 11:03 AM