May 05, 2021

Back from the .....

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What are you supposed to do on Cinco de Mayo?

I am drained. My body aches. I think my ribs are filled with fluid - is that possible? - they fill so stiff and fluidy. The shoot has been, and continues to be, a learning process. I still have to tape at least one more day, and then there's watching your potential get cut to pieces and brought back together (hopefully!) in the editing process.

We have some really funny or silly bits.

This was my first production. I designed the basic outline for the script and I co-produced and co-directed it, and also was in the video. Of course I had the much needed help of lots of others. People that I could not have done this without. Does it sound like I'm collecting my first AVN award?

(No, I don't really think my adult videos are going to win any awards, but I thought it sounded like I was accepting a speech, don't you think?)


I'm exhausted, yet up so early.

It's strange to not be able to admit that things might be happening for you, and then living in the moment when they're actually happening.

And then sometimes things you didn't even realize that maybe you were doing.

Could I actually be starting to do what I've always set out to do?

I got this in my email box this morning:

(Names have been changed to protect the &%#!@.)

My name is &*$@!, and I'm the $&@! Editor of PISTIL Magazine, a
nationally distributed independent activist/fashion magazine based in

Every issue we feature five "Groundbreakers." These are women we feel are
remarkable, talented, and inspirational -- whose creative do-it-yourself
activism feeds a new crop of social reformers. Given your accomplishments
and your recent election as President to FFE, we thought you would be a
great Groundbreaker for our next issue "Guts," which comes out this summer
and were wondering if you'd be up for an interview in the next few weeks.

Please let me know if you are interested and I'll have one of our writers
contact you ASAP.

Somehow, I don't feel so drained anymore.

Posted by jamye at May 5, 2021 08:48 AM