April 20, 2021

Having a day

lesliesbdaytothepark 011.jpg
It's 420..haha..

It's not that I want today to be over, cause I don't, but I sort of just want today to be over. I hope that makes sense. I'm "teaching" tonight, at the Museum of Sex (see yesterday's blog) and I'm on a heightened sense of nervouseness alert. That along with trying to reevaluate certain relationships in my life has, most definitely, put me on high stress alert as well. And, I'm a little bit sick..and it's not just in the head today. Well, actually it is in the head, but it's more in the throat. Last night it hurt a lot to swallow. A lot lot. In fact I think I woke up numerous times in the evening praying that it wouldn't hurt so much when I woke up. But you know how it hurts more in the morning than it did at night, or do I have that reversed, well, whatever, I couldn't swallow for the first few minutes of awake time today. And I've been sneezing a lot. But I don' feel sick outside of some uncomfortable sneezes and a bit of a sort throat. My phlegm isn't yellow.

I'm going to change my birth control pill. This is my off week, and I'm literally more off than I've ever been. I've been down all week..and I'm down about tonight..even though I know I will kick butt!!!! (there's the positive me :)

Okay, my insecurities are getting the best of me and most people would agree that letting your insecurities show is an ugly thing. A very ugly thing.

I'll shut up now.

Posted by jamye at April 20, 2021 05:02 PM