April 18, 2021

Queen of the Damned (Computers)

DSC00268.JPG Hey Gregg..this is for you. Me. Happy Times. This Past Saturday. You mad?

...That seems to be my latest and greatest title du jour. I mean, own personal title like Miss Universe or Princess of Wales. Jamye Waxman - Queen of the Damned (Computers). I have the not so midas touch.

First it's the thinkpad. My own personal baby of a computer. Shipped back to the factory after a "fan error" aneurysm from out of the blue. She won't be returned to my arms until this Thursday, at least that's the date the doctors tell me.

Then it was my Mac. I think she can be saved, but right now she's not feeling so well. I brought her in from the bowels of my parents basement to give to my flova (Friend + lova') and we plugged her in and kick started her booty just last night. She froze up after a while, but I figured it was just because she'd been out of commission for over a year. However, this morning, after he had left for work, I grumbled out of bed and turned on my baby. Only now she can't find her finder and without the startup disk, yeah, you probablyl guessed it, the computer is uhm, shall we say, not fucking working.

So, I left my dad's other laptop at my flova's, because I have access to computers all day at work and should get mine back in the next few days, while he now has absolutely no computer to use, because my father took his old one to try repair it, because, his computer was supposed to die before mine, but then mine had its aneurysm, and now it's getting a new fan so it can live again, but there's still a problem with my dad's laptop as I can't seem to get it to access my flova's high speed connection and that would suck if he couldn't...and, was that the longest run-on sentence ever yet, or not really?

I taught a class that made me pensive this past Friday. Only it shouldn't have (felt sad) because everyone else seemed happy. But it was supposed to be this girl's wedding bachelorette party, only her fiancee cancelled the nuptials a few weeks beforehand, and she didn't want to cancel the party, so she had it anyway, but her friends called it an empowerment party.

It was awesome. Made me see how life goes on all the time. And today I'm blaming the pill for my emotional life, cause there are some people in this world who can vouch for my emotional retardeness, and yes, I use that word because it seems to fit most appropriately. I need to chill out when it comes to certain things, and care more when it comes to others. I spend too much time obsessing on relationships, and obsessing on this obsession is a current obsession of mine.


Posted by jamye at April 18, 2021 02:48 PM