April 11, 2021


fransplace.jpg "Feet Fetish"

Okay.. I just got off of work and feel like I've neglecting this blog for too long, even if yesterday was the first day I didn't write all month..Truth is, I'm getting really annoyed about all this SPAM and don't know how to deal with it. Why don't I know of other blogs with spam like mine? Who the F*CK is Lake Powell and how can I get him to stop spamming my site?

Lake Powell is a cockroach. Help me rid myself of people like him...Oh, and yes, I'm looking for suggestions....I know, I've given him too much time...

So, other than that...hmm..let's see..I've got to get my ass in gear with this video. We're shooting in two weeks. Monday's are always hard because I work all day selling sex toys, and by the time I'm done working all day selling sex toys, I don't want to be working all night.

I felt violated at work today. I am sort of stupid sometimes and I let a customer talk to me about my scoliosis, which, even if I can't spell the damn word right, I've had since I was a little kid. My mother once had a talk with me about wearing a brace, but after I declared that I would never wear a brace, she, for some reason, backed down (no pun intended).

So, anyway, this guy comes in the store, but it's more like he's looking to cum in the store, and tells me that he's a masseuse and that he can tell I have scoliosis, only he can't tell to what degree. He asks if I want to know, and there's no one else in the store so I say yes - and don't give me that red flag alert shit right now, cause I don't want to hear it - so when I bend down to touch my toes, and he starts to measure my back, I can tell that this is actually more about getting him off than figuring out where my damn curve is. So I get up and tell him I don't really give a shit about my scoliosis, and I still let him look around the store, because I like to try to see the good in everybody, or maybe because I'm a sucka..I don't know really..and then..then he asks if he can go and use a cockring in the bathroom. He insists that he won't buy one unless he knows that it works.

I tell him NO and after begging me, and seeing that it ain't going to work buddy, you already got me with your scoliosis shit, he finally leaves the store.

And I feel violated. I think I felt something else too..but I don't want to talk about it...

Ugghhh..is mercury still in retrograde?

Posted by jamye at April 11, 2021 06:24 PM