February 16, 2021

Dragging on...

The boob saga drags on. On Sunday, I did a photo shoot with a husband and wife couple who are working on a really cool idea that I won't be sharing with you here. Anyway, we were taking photos, when, because the subject of the photos, which was, at the time, part of me, was easier to view topless, they asked me if I would mind taking a couple of pictures with my breasts exposed.

Of course the first thought that ran through my mind was, ugghhh, documenting these things? But then, within a couple of seconds my mind went back to the place I've only recently discovered. Show the world your boobs this voice in my head screamed, SHOW THE WORLD THAT NOBODY IS PERFECT, but that everybody should be proud. My top was off within seconds. At first only the photographers saw my breasts, all the camera shots they did focused on my back. But then, towards the end of the shoot, they asked if I would mind turning around, and without a moment's delay, there I was, waiting for the camera to grab an image of my lopsided lovelies.

The photographer grabbed more than one shot. In fact I think it was a couple of roles. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. To actively move forward in my quest to accept my not so perfect breasts. I'm loving me more and more each day.

It's kind of cool.

Boobs. My latest obsession

Posted by jamye at February 16, 2021 02:05 PM