February 14, 2021

It's Valentines Day

I have always found it amazing that one greeting card company could concoct a day that makes people focus on love or the lack of it.

I hate Valentines Day, and it's not because I'm single. In fact, I've been "dating" somebody for a couple of months, and while I don't want to get into details right now, or possibly ever, this is the first year that I have a Valentine in, oh, let's just say six years. I'm not seeing him tonight, which is actually fine, because, like I said I think Valentines Day is almost the stupidest holiday out there. I'd put it up there with Sweetest Day (a Valentines Day celebrated in mid-October in the midwest), which is only more stupid cause it couldn't even get national attention. Still, if you can't tell me how you feel about me the other 364 days of the year, don't bother telling me how you feel on the one day that everyone else feels obligated to share their emotions.

So, if you feel the need to scratch your itch for love on Valentines Day, jump on the bandwagon and let your sweetie, or the people that mean the most in your life, know just how you feel. If not, tell them tomorrow, when it won't matter to most people, but when I think it matters more. And even better, tell them every day after that.

Cause love isn't about one day of the year. Love is about emotion, intensity, passion and understanding.

Like I said... Fuck Valentines Day. Or...Fuck on Valentines Day. The choice is yours. What're you going to do?

Posted by jamye at February 14, 2021 04:09 PM