February 08, 2021

Art and Sex

pussypics 024.jpg The Red Print

My friend J. is an artist. A really talented painter and a liberal freak. Back in late October, he did watercolor portraits of me in various stages of undress. That's the first time we talked about doing "it".

*Family - If you don't want to know more...or even if you think you do, but will have a hard time looking at me without questioning how I was spawn from the same seed as you - please read no further.

It is not about sex, but there was something taboo, hot and revealing in what J. was asking me to do. "I used to take pussy prints of my ex's cunts," he said, although I doubt he used the word cunt, it's just that pussy and cunt are my two favorite words for a woman's vulva, so I am going to use them interchangeably here, and as he could see from the fact that I wasn't wearing any underwear, "you have a really cute pussy, I'd love to make some art."

It sounded cool. I told him I was game, but months passed and life happened and we never found the time to make the prints. I knew it would eventually happen, and I knew that when it did I'd be faced with the challenge of not only getting naked in front of one of my close, never-has-been sexual friends, but I would also be faced with the challenge of how to make sure it would stay that way. I mean, c'mon, I was about to spread eagle for art.

And so after what J. described as a very classy drink (whisky and soda water) we got down to business. I set up three chairs, one for my ass, and the other two for my legs, and I went into the same sort of headspace that I go to when I visit the gynecologist. Not that I'd equate what I was doing here with going to the doctor, it wasn't like that at all, but the fact that a non-sexual person is getting a really close look at a pussy that you spent a half-hour shaving just earlier that day is in itself a compromising position.

We used food coloring. Four different colors. J. had high quality print paper and he had ripped it up into different size squares. We started with yellow. J. carefully applied color to my lips and my clit and any other space he thought would give my pussy good shape. It was cold and wet, and truthfully felt kind of nice. He reapplied color after every three prints. It was totally experimental, even if he had done this with some girlfriends before. I was his first real pussy art project.

I washed in between each color. The next one was red. Then blue, and finally green. By the time we got to green I was a little more sore than I had anticipated. I started to panic thinking that the food coloring was not only killing my pussy, but that my cunt would shrivel up and melt away. I called some close friends to ask their opinion about my food coloring woes.

My pussy burned. I had washed too much. But overall the prints came out fucking amazing. We did over 60 prints, and I got to pick my favorite 4, one of each color to take home and frame. The one above is from the red series. Doesn't it look like a feminine woman? Fuck, I love it!

That was my Monday night. Giving my pussy to art. Who knows what tonight'll bring...

Posted by jamye at February 8, 2021 02:14 PM