February 07, 2021

Droopy Boob

I can't get a picture to upload!!!

Okay, so now that I posted about the state of my boobs *see January 2005*
I’ve decided to take a really good look at the ladies myself. Last night I snapped a couple of pictures on the digi cam, so I could see my boobs without looking at my face, hips or thighs. And, confessional speaking, there was something oddly hot about not seeing my own face, and just staring at my breasts. Is that strange?

I could never fully understand why my boobs looked so awkward; so different than most other people’s, in my perception, perfect boobage. And I realized why I have always been less than confident in how my boobs look. See, it’s that I have a droopy boob. Well, not exactly droopy, but that’s how it looks when your right boob is a B cup and your left boob is a C cup. It’s strangely amusing, actually, and the more I stare at myself, the more I realize how unique of an individual I truly am. The left side of my body and the right side don’t match up at all. From my eye, to my boob to the curve in my hip, it’s as if two halves of a woman’s figure were fused together to make one person. And while that means I’m slightly off, something that most people would'NT argue with, I’m quite happy with this larger left boob and smaller right one. I’m beginning to feel like it’s a perfect fit with my personality. Even if my breasts remind me of that cartoon dog…I think his name is Droopy, I still have to love them.

Is droopy a bad word? Does sagging, or one hangs really low, while one doesn’t, sound more appealing? I don’t know, but I do know that whatever you'd call it, I got it. And for the first time ever, I feel like my boobs have personality!

I’m debating posting pics so that I can get even more comfortable with how my boobs look. But I’m not going to just yet. I don’t know if that crosses the line into porn and I don’t know if I’m willing to post naked pictures, at least I'm not willing to yet. But it’s a thought that has, for now, crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

So, I’ll think about it. Just like I think about my boobs. I know I’m not alone in my boob dilemma. I know there are other women out there just like me. I just don’t know how many of them talk about their different sized breast. But I think the left one is always bigger than the right.


Posted by jamye at February 7, 2021 11:31 AM