February 03, 2021


I'm not going to post much today but I felt like posting something was better than posting nothing at all.

I've been such a good girl these past two days, in bed before the clock hit midnight. Trying to focus on work, but all work and no play makes me a very dull blogger.

Well, not really, I'm just in a dull mood. Sitting here in my soaking wet top after having done my second day in a row of Bikram Yoga...then having left my second day in a row of Bikram Yoga, dripping sweat with my tank top exposed and my jacket wide open...Probably not the healthiest thing one can do after an hour and a half in over 100 degree heat.

I wanted to kill the instructor. Not because she was a bad instructor but because she a)picked on me and b)the heat made me mental.

Now I'm freezing cold and cranky and ready to go back to sleep, only I can't. So instead I'm going home (remember I still have no Internet access there) and showering and interviewing one of the coolest women I know for a website I've never written for.

And yes, despite my low level of excitement, for this I am excited.

Posted by jamye at February 3, 2021 12:42 PM