February 02, 2021


An old picture of me that I found on the web..from my "WOR" days...

I started this post at 10AM...(that's almost 12 hours ago, and I still can't finish the damn thing).


I've done yoga twice this week. It feels really good, except that after I'm done and I start to list the rest of my day, I get that not so clean stressed out feeling all over again. I'm trying to keep the peace within me, as the yoga instructor taught us, because, she said "no one can take that away from you."

I haven't had Internet access in my apartment since I moved in in December. I should have it by next week. I can't wait, cause it sucks to have to constantly find places to write, seeing as, outside of selling dildos, it's what I do most in my life.

They caught the killers of that actress Nicole DuFresne. The one who was shot two blocks from where I work. I've had a hard time really comprehending this, and tomorrow, tomorrow there's a memorial service for her, and a lot of my friends either knew her or the couple that she was with, and so, some of them are going and have invited me along. Some of my friends say I should attend - For my own personal closure with the situation. Is it selfish of me to go, and share in other peoples memories, when I didn't know her at all? That's my only concern. This would be closure for me about what happened, and more importantly where it happened. While I might need that, is her memorial service the place to do it? I'm just wondering..

I have no time to wonder really. No time to do anything right now.

Did I mention that I'm teaching a class this Sunday?

just checking...

Posted by jamye at February 2, 2021 07:51 PM