November 03, 2021

Robby D.

I can't talk about what the fuck is going on in these not so United States. How the fuck can Bush win 4 more years?! How the fuck.?! (I know it's not over, but it's over, really) instead...

Robby D. is a porn director that I met in January of 2003 at the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards in Las Vegas. I was working as a TV Producer for a show called Naked New York at the time, and he, well, he was there promoting his latest project, Suite 101.

Robby was a charmer. When I was setting up for an interview between him and Donna Barnes, the then co-host of the show, Robby started applying the pressure. He asked me all the right questions and showed me all the right interest. I was instantly infatuated for a number of reasons. He was smart. Heavily tattooed. A redhead. Bad. Good. Nice. Sweet. Whatever.

He called me the next day, from Vegas, and asked if he could meet up with me after the awards ceremony. I figured I had nothing to lose.

I didn't lose anything that night. In fact, I quickly made a friend, and, for a time I thought maybe more. But the course of the next few weeks, and a flight out to LA to visit Robby, determined that this wasn't going anywhere.

I hadn't spoken to him in over a year, although I still keep his cell number in my phone. And then, last night, before heading to the Virgin Megastore to see Seymore Butts, I decided to look up Robby D. I had heard his current girlfriend, another industry chickita, was pregnant and that Robby D. was about to be a daddy. I wanted to know more, and while I didn't find much about his current "bun in the oven," this is what I found.

Robby D. Interview 2004 - Robby D's & Movies
(the interview is almost a year old, but I had to print it after reading the first few lines)

To read the interview in it's entirety go to Rog Reviews:

We are here at AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) with Robby D…

Who is not a very fun interview Rog. I want to say that up front. Good luck.

Don't worry I will make it painless.

Do you have any tequila?

I wish.

This is going to be hard.

It's fine. If things get boring I can always ask you about Jayme Waxman.

So you're the Rog who knows Jayme. That explains a lot. When I first met her, you are the one who had told her all about me.

I didn't tell her everything.

You told her some things. You told her that the girls seem to like me. I love that girl. She is intellectual, funny, quirky, simulating and creative.

And hot.

No comment, but yeah.

She is supposed to be here this weekend.

My girlfriend won't let me hang out with Jayme any more.

I heard you had a girlfriend.

Yeah, Celeste, formerly known as Bunny Luv.

Very nice.

She directed the last two Andrew Blake movies, "Dollhouse" and "Hard Edge".

Last year I interviewed her and she was strictly into girls. Did you turn her around?

That makes me feel real secure because I know that she isn't with me, she's with another girl. It's pretty cool. She is an amazing girl.

Let's get off your social life and talk about your career.

I'd rather talk about my social life.

Were you a porn fan when you got into the business?

Huge. I was the biggest fan of John Staglinao. I am here because of Buttman. I was a huge fan and I thought that I could do it. Then I met Henri Pachard and he helped me. I owe those two guys everything. Stagliano is it as far as I'm concerned.

If you could pick one of your movies that you think is the best, what would it be.

"Beat the Devil" or the Jack's Playground line, but they are totally different genres. I think that "Beat the Devil" is the most unique movie, but Jack's is a whole concept.

What is the best sex scene you have ever shot?

I like the solo stuff that I shoot. Sex is really personal so it's a hard thing for me to say. I liked the solo with a French girl named Mika. Those are my favorites. I got three nominations for my solo scenes this year.

Thank you for the interview.

Thank you for making it painless and almost fun Rog.

That's my job.
Sometimes it's strange to see your name in print, and not because it's spelled wrong. Sometimes you think people forget, but they don't forget, they just choose not to remember.

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