October 25, 2021

The bestest

...birthday in the world. That's what I had. I feel so lucky.
I'm sorry if you showed up and I was distracted. I get easily distracted.

But check out the photos from Friday night...(FYI: they were a bitch to upload)..I want more pics from that night. Like one of my whole dress. Others of more of the party people..Send photos to jamyew@gmail.com if you have any...Also did anyone get photos of my lapdance? - cause Darlinda is so hot and I'd really like some pics of her both before and after she poured a bag of sugar down my throat.

Oh..and it's official, but it's always been official. I have an alter ego that you should know about. At least in theory you should know about her..

Miss E. Make Out
part of Captain Safety Pin and the Jackoff Squad..look for us everywhere soon!

Here's an excerpt from the Steppin' Out piece I'll never finish:
The one about "it" - I mentioned it a few blogs back. I liked how I started 'it' but 'it''s lost momentum these past few weeks...but what is 'it'?

I’m getting it again, and often, which is the way I like to get it when it happens. It happens more often for me than for most of my friends, but it’s been a long time since it’s been this good. In fact the last time it felt like this at all was last year, when it was really good for more than a night.

It’s scary, this whole it thing. On the one hand, you want it often, which means you spend a lot of time working on getting it. That requires phone calls, emails, hours of conversation that doesn’t focus on it, unless it is all you’re focused on. Then there’s actually getting it, which depending on the mood, can take anywhere from five minutes to five hours. On the other hand, you want other things and you don’t want it to control your free time. But these other things don’t make you feel like it does, and so you don’t know how to balance it and the rest of your world.

This can be quite distracting. Finding less time for work and more time for it is a hard balance to achieve, especially when you weren’t getting it for a while. And then there’s the it that goes along with it, just in case you weren’t confused enough by what it is and what it means. And along with the act of it, there’s the face of it, the body of it, and the mind. If you are attracted to it as a whole, it’s more difficult to remove yourself from the situation.

It's it. But what it is?
Faith no more.

Posted by jamye at October 25, 2021 07:14 PM