October 19, 2021

Dead Rat in the Freezer

Okay it's not a rat, it's a gerbil, but does it really matter? It's been sitting in my friend Dave's freezer, since, it, Pooter, the gerbil that was given to him back in 2000, died in 2002. Would you want to eat anything that came out of a freezer that you knew played burial site for a dirty, smelly, sick gerbil named Pooter? I've been sleeping at his place, and I love him for it, but get the fucking gerbil out of the freezer. I think I want to puke.

My birthday is in four days...well, three days, but who's counting. I am not afraid or sad about turning 30, but I have so many expectations about my 30th year, and because of that I'm placing a lot of pressure on myself. That's where my fear lay, in not doing enough in my life, although I've already done a lot...but, still, it's not enough.

This morning I woke up at Dave's, a.k.a. freaky gerbil freezer man, and he had a fantabulous surprise for me. Old streaming audio (and video) of eYada.com - the talk radio station I used to work on on the Internet. We were more than slightly ahead of our time (we, meaning me and some of the others at eyada, we, not meaning me and Dave). Those were the best (working in an office) days of my life, and I'm glad I got to laugh really hard this morning. Memories. It juxtaposes the puke I wanted to projectile vomit when I heard about the rat, er, I mean gerbil. AND he promises that I can upload the bits of "The Chaunce Hayden Show" and hopefully, you'll be able to hear them, and me, and him, and Chaunce, and...well, you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures. I was one freaky looking kid. I think I have one of the biggest heads I've seen on a little girl in a long time. It's scary....but not as scary as a dead Pooter in the freezer.

Posted by jamye at October 19, 2021 05:03 PM