October 14, 2021

Wednesday October 13

1. A day I didn't write because, well, because, almost everything was going too right.

2. A day I'm skeptical to trust, but a day that I want to.

3. A day of Holy Shit.

Okay...I have to be vague because if I'm not vague then I might jinx it all..but let's just say I had an awe-inspiring grand ole time.

AND I got to see Ben Harper perform live on Last Call with Carson Daly which, ironically, is airing on my 30th birthday, which, if you've never read my blog or skim it too fast to care but happen to be reading now, is ONE week from tomorrow!!!!

He even did three songs after the show was over...He's performing now with the Blind Boys of Alabama, and I'll be damned, two of the four of them are actually blind (the others wear sunglasses to fit in).

Matt Stone and Trey Parker were also guests on the show, and now, although they've said Team America, or whatever their movie is called, is the most offensive movie in the world, and, if after 5 minutes you don't get the movie, then you should leave because it only gets worse, I must see this movie.

And then it's been a wild ride and I want to share one more horoscope wich yoo...are you sick of reading my horoscope(s)? I sound like a horoscope junkie, and while I'm not, they have been so right on in describing my mood...and while I thought that yesterday was the solar eclipse, this is what it says..If you are a LIBRA...get psyched, but then again, it's kind of depressing..is this the best it will ever be?

A solar eclipse in your birth sign today gives you a massive advantage over everyone else, and if you are smart, you will take full advantage of it, because this really is as good as it gets. You will never again have this much energy or enthusiasm or self-confidence, so aim higher than you have ever aimed before - and then go higher still.

That was me yesterday, and that's me today..and aahhh..I promise to stop making you read my horoscopes, but I need you to understand me, and this is exactly how I'm feeling right now...and it's working..and shit, this is crazy..

I'm crazy..okay?
Are you?

One more thing..last night the debate...I don't know..I didn't watch it all cause I was getting angry..and sad..and scared...Kerry still sucks less than Bush, even though now I think they both suck - really

Posted by jamye at October 14, 2021 06:44 PM