October 01, 2021

Kerry sucks less than Bush


I'm about to start my period - a public service announcement brought to you by TMI (the Too Much Information network). There are just certain people who would be better off having TMJ (temporomandibular joint, or the jaw joint, diseases/disorders) instead of TMI. However, I'm not one of those people ;)

So the Kerry debate last night. Sorry, I mean the Bush, Kerry debate. I only got to watch the last third, but I got to watch the full half hour of the best show on TV, and all I'll say is this -

Rudy Guiliani is a scary man.

Jon Stewart interviewed him on The Daily Show last night.

Yes, Yes, I know 9/11 and Yes, I agree at the time of this city's greatest need, he came through for New York. As any mayor SHOULD have. But, now he's lost his mind. He was harping on the fact that Kerry had expressed two different opinions of us going to war, BUT, Kerry admits this and clears it up last night. Still, Guiliani harped on about this and he said that this made Kerry look unsure and scary. Rudy - maybe you'd be the scary one (I'm attempting to type ebonics more and more I noticed.) I think he's going to run for President in 2008 and I think he's going to get the Republican parties support. I think America is slowly losing it's mind...and at such a young age compared to some of the other countries we play with...

I also love how our allies in this war on terROR are few and far between - like two or three...and that one of them is Poland...such a small, backwards, antisemitic country - and that Bush stressed this last night...not the antisemitic part. I know they are asses for a fact, as I had some Jewish friends visiting there this summer. They hate(d) Jews back in the 40's and they still hate Jews now.

Yucky. Icky....taste in my mouth...

I still haven't received the contract on the apartment I just might be buying. But everything still seems to be going along as planned.


Anyone Interested in doing something that might actually be cool, and might actually be considered pathetic, with me? I think I have a minor obsession with Jon Stewart. Nothing major, like I won't be stalking him or anything, I just love his sense of humor. Not love it - want to marry it - love it - although if Jon Stewart wasn't married, you never know..but I love it just the same.

Jon Stewart: if you read this...wanna have no strings attached sex?

So...anyone interested?
Jon Stewart, Ben Karlin, DJ Javerbaum, and The Daily Show writers will be doing a book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square (33 East 17th Street) on Friday, October 8th at 12pm.

Get back to me on that one.

One last thought..

Kerry. He just might have a shot.

Posted by jamye at October 1, 2021 02:59 PM