September 15, 2021

Renter vs. Owner

DSC03672.JPG A View from Brooklyn: Yesterday

There are so many ongoing debates in this world:

cat vs. dog
pot smoker vs. drinker
boys vs. girls
money vs. love

things like that, but the one that has completely come to absorb my eating, breathing, and even my sleeping patterns is the one that asks the age old question; is it better to rent or buy in NYC?

Yes, I know the market's high, but even when the market was lower than it is now it was still considered high. Yes I know that buying a studio isn't the way to go, but is it better to rent a space, one that I can preferably afford to live in by myself, which would most likely be a studio apt., and throw away a little less money than it would cost me to buy that very same place? Is Brooklyn really the next NYC?

I have been pulling my hair out and losing my teeth, okay, the teeth part not really, but I have found lots of clumps of hair in my hand, on the floor, in the shower, and I think I'm losing more than my share over this very debate. I am sick of renting. I am sick of throwing my money away, month after month, and not having a place to call home. I am sick of living out of what was once a suitcase and is now a backpack. And although I love all of the advice I've been given, after living in limbo for two weeks less than a year, I am sick of hearing what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.

Travel for a year and then tell me if I should rent or buy. But until then support me. Love me. Hug me if we see each other. Tell me that I'm making the right decision, whatever my decision is, unless of course I've gone completely loony and you can see that I'm heading right into my very own straight jacket. And unless you can offer me the latest in crazy coiture, offer me other things. Your advice, your kind words, maybe even your place to crash so that I can heal.

Until then, I am over this debate.


not really...

Posted by jamye at September 15, 2021 12:54 PM