August 18, 2021

It's not that I don't LIKE the Upper West Side

DSC03495.JPG Strawberry Fields 08.17.04- one reason to visit the U.W.S.
I realize this is NY centric, just deal with it.

I have been staying with this friend, let's call her "Ami" and she lives in this area, let's call it "The Upper West Side." It's far from what I call home, which is the place I occasionally work, the cat I used to own, most of my friends any my social life reside. But it's not a bad place to live. The buildings are pretty - lots of brownstones, and the conveniences are plenty. The people, well, they seem nice too, not that I know, because you don't talk to strangers in NYC. However, they remind me of the people I went to high school with, the ones that aren't my speed, or don't understand my speed. Not that I have a speed, but these people, well, they appear to be a large group of young, married professionals with .08 children - I just love those statistics like the average family has 2.2 kids, what the fuck is .2 - and cozy homes, nothing of which I am, or possess, and I don't think I will be or have before hell freezes over, which I hear may happen sooner than you think.

Last night this friend, this "Ami" and one of her friends, both of whom don't fit into the generalization I just placed on this Upper West Side, took offense to the idea that I don't want to live up here. "Ami" has been living here for most of her adult life, meaning since she's been out of college, because a) she likes it and b) it's convenient for her to get to her job which she's also held most of her adult life, meaning since college. She's got a great apartment and lives alone paying less rent than I paid to live with someone without a real room, without a real door, down in the really hip section on NYC known as Alphabet City.

But when I tried to explain to her why I didn't want to live up here which is for the most part because I find it really inconvenient to travel to various other parts of the city from this area, I sounded like a blabbering idiot. So I just want to put it out there to anyone I have offended or may offend in the near of distant future.

I AM A BLABBERING IDIOT, so ignore me when I offend you, I probably didn't mean to, and if I still offend you and you feel the urge to purge to me, then do so, but be aware that I don't always mean what I say or say what I mean.

And now that this story made no sense, I shall go make no sense elsewhere.

But I'd still rather not live on the Upper West Side. At least not until I'm married with kids and a four legged creature that sheds on the rug. Maybe that will happen before the fifth of Nevruary and maybe it won't. It's not for me to decide.

Posted by jamye at August 18, 2021 10:38 AM