August 01, 2021

It's the little things I miss...

Prague 01.08.04 (as they date in Europe) Hot Tamales, from the makers of Mike and Ike. I found them in a store in Prague that sells American foods...which, in case you were wondering, includes grapenuts and jelly bellys. I spent almost 2 dollars on a small pack of Hot Tamales.

I miss English. Not that I don't hear enough of it here, I do, but I miss being able to communicate with random strangers in a bar. In Prague, communication is limited to those you can understand and those who understand you, and sometimes, those people aren't the ones you're interested in meeting.

I miss writing. While I said I was going to do more of it while I was here, it's really hard for me to focus on not playing (and doing schoolwork of course) in a foreign city.

I miss not knowing the customs. Today I tried to physically hand some man change, as in put it in his hand, and he freaked on me because I didn't put it directly on the tray. See, here in Prague, money (and silverware) are never touched by two people at the same time.

You put the money down, they pick the money up.
Your silverware comes in a glass and is placed on the table for you to touch, although I always wonder how it got in the glass in the first place

I miss my life. Or at least parts of it. Which means that I'm ready to move forward.

And...I will miss Prague when I leave.

Posted by jamye at August 1, 2021 06:32 PM