July 26, 2021

My wrist hurts...

...it's not from masturbating, or actually it could be from masturbating, because I did enough of it today, but it also could be from typing, because I've been typing a damn lot more than I've been masturbating. I have 2 papers due tomorrow and one column. And then I am writing my first movie review for a website for lesbian and bisexual women, and others who like to read writing geared at lesbian and bisexual women. It will be up by the end of the week, and I will be sure to tell you how to read it...and I'd love some honest critiques...no, I'm lieing, I'd hate that, no, not really, see, I want you to judge me.

Judge me.

My wrist hurts from all this damn typing. Not from masturbation. Its my own well researched conclusion. With (did I happen to mention in the last paragraph) 2 papers due tomorrow and 3 columns due by Thursday I'm not complaining, just bragging and procrastinating and debating the meaning of writing so many papers that I will never read again. or most probably never read again. Unless my professors make me redo them. Although I don't think I will redo them. I want a few days of not thinking. Just enjoying. Will that be possible?

Please. Before Amsterdam. Please.

Oh. Have I mentioned that my wrists hurt?

Posted by jamye at July 26, 2021 11:27 PM