July 19, 2021

400 steps


I climbed at least that many stairs yesterday.

I want my butt to look rock solid, you know, to try and pick up men and women, cats and dogs, and other things that go bump in the night, because this trip is all about a solid ass. Okay, and because these two places, both with amazing views, had steps to be walked. One had approximately 257 steps and one 132, which yes, I know doesn't quite add up to 400, but I also live on the 4th floor of a dorm style walk up, and I actually walk up and down the steps many times a day, in class, and in Prague, so I know I walked up and down over 400 stairs- even if yesterday it was all for the view. In fact, I saw two of the most spectacular views of this city. One at the Prague Castle and one from the Charles Tower.

But these steps, they were hell. They were punishment for all the times I pinched my brother's arm and filed my sisters fingernails down while I made her believe that filing was the fastest way to make them grow.

Every last one of these stairs from hell went around in some sort of circular spiral, first up towards that magnificent view, and then, on the way down to a dizzying and long torturous walk. Going up wasn't bad, although I produced enough sweat to bottle my own line of perfume, but going down, that constantly looking at your feet, the small passageways, the foreigners who fail to understand the word deoderant, these were a few of my least favorite things.

And then...that night, I went out with the girl I like to call my biggest surprise friend, because she is one of those girls that I wasn't sure I would be as close with as I am, and I am so glad this is the case. And in the midst of all that, I ran into one of my friends, a fairly well known "adult film star" who just happened to be in Prague for some fornification of the paid kind. I love when two paths cross like that. Over and over again.

It was 4:15AM before I made it home. I almost watched the sun rise, but I decided I needed a couple of hours sleep before class today.

Which was a good thing because, trust me, it was.

Posted by jamye at July 19, 2021 07:03 PM