July 15, 2021

On My Walk Home

Dsc03415.jpg The view from the street
There aren't many cities I can say I want to live in, and although I've had some negative experiences with the attitude of certain Czech people, you know who you are Mr. Gate Man and Mr. Obnoxious Police Officer, even though you'll never read my blog because like I don't speak chesky, you don't speak anglisky, I could live in Prague for a while. I am not planning on doing so at this venture in time, but this is really one of the most aesthetically pleasing urbanocity's that I've ever been lucky enough to venture into.

I went to this art exhibit yesterday, it was called Art against Terrorism, (I even bought a T Shirt that will sport this slogan across my supple breasts) and after buying the shirt I realized that many an intellectually challenged American might actually think that this has something to do with Bin Laden, or Iraq, or another of those bad, bad guys who we have fought this last most necessary of wars against - and yes, I am being more than a bit sarcastic about some of this shit -and that is so not what the shirt is about. It's actually about terrorism and the European Union, although disturbingly enough I could link a lot of the pictures and sculptures meanings back to the United States and greed - and there were actually two exhibits that were definitely U.S. based...This was something my class (Gender and Health) had wandered into - the exhibit - and it was so worth the stumbling.

Prague stays out late, unlike London which closes most nights by 11PM, you can find bars and clubs and other shady establishments open way into the sunrise hours. The sun doesn't set until 10PM here, and the sun rises by 6:30AM, so the amount of actual night hours is somewhat limited, allowing for more party hours.

I am a party person, but not really. Not club party, more like bar or strip club or people watching party person. We've been to one strip club since being here, and it was a ripoff, although I've learned my lesson well - (a line from Madonna song) and from now on, I am going to strip clubs that have come to me with some sort of repuatation. They say Prague is the next Amsterdam which is an interesting notion in itself, and being here before all the Americans discover it is a place to visit, has made me feel like some sort of trendsetter myself.

But I have always been a trendsetter you say?
Oh, c'mon - you don't mean that, you're just being nice.

No really, stop, you don't have to say that I'm fabulous.
I'm not.
No you are.
Know you are.

Posted by jamye at July 15, 2021 10:23 AM