June 24, 2021

Another life

sfmap.jpg SF M.A.P.
I am in San Francisco right now, and although I technically didn't write today, it's still before midnight pacific time, so I technically did..hah, all you east coasters..hah.. anyway, I guess I am obsessed with writing or none of this would matter.

It's weird to be here. At first I was like, "Oh, I don't miss it at all, I love New York" but that's only because I am staying in the Marina. If you don't know SF then none of this will make sense to you, but the Marina is like the Upper East Side only without fast public transportation. It's really pretty there, right by the water and the Golden Gate Bridge, but it ain't my cup of tea. Then I went below Market Street, more my speed, and now I am so sad that I'm not here. The weather is amazing. I actually heard my teeth chatter tonight and my hair looks great. I am so happy to be here, and actually, it has nothing to do with those superficial reasons. This is just a magical city.

I met two of the wackiest rich people on my flight. They carried their 3 lb. Maltese, 'Feathers,' in a Louis Vuitton dog bag, and I think they were, in some strange way, trying to marry me off to their son who doesn't seem to love them that much. Another story. Another time.

I am in my other life. The place I was back in October. The place were I was "a dirty little secret" to some, but it's also the place I found myself.

I know I'll live here again. I have to.

Posted by jamye at June 24, 2021 10:28 PM