June 02, 2021

After all this being good...


...I miss the first day of the sixth month of the 2004th year of something. damn me. I was being so good. It's this not having a computer thing, and not wanting to go on dial up, and not feeling like paying $18 an hour at a Kinkos in New York. That's what made me not write and not right, yesterday.

But now I am mad, not crazy mad, just angry mad. Thinking. Too much. Again. I should just change the date on this here blog, and continue with my streak. Write twice today, once for yesterday and once for today. But that would be a bit obsessive, not to mention, DISHONEST...and I don't want to downright lie to you. Really.

I am a bad liar. Actually, horrible. I mean I can do it, I was a TV and Radio Producer for years, and in order to be successful, you have to be good at changing the truth, altering perception, or flat out lieing or lying...is there a right way to spell the damn word? But I am a bad liar, I dig a hole that only gets deeper and deeper. I talk my way out of a simple lie, and make it more complicated and then I make it make no sense, before I have to lie to cover up that lie. Which is why I don't like to lie, not why I don't do it, but why I don't like to do it. Understand the difference? Cause there's a big difference.

I think this waking up at 8AM and driving to Chester, PA is affecting my brain. Okay, no not really, see, I lied, but I was trying to make up an excuse for my bouniceness, or flakiness as some others like to call it. I don't think I'm flaky though, just crazy. Crazy busy that is...

Lies, Lies, I can't believe a word you say...I think my brother and I used to sing a song like that...speaking of brother..it's his 28th birthday today. Random brother fact: We used to share a room. For a few months, in our "old" house, which was less than 5 miles from the "new" house we moved into within a year of my sister's (and the reason we shared a room for a while) birth. I was scared of the tree outside the window one night, and he told me that everything would be okay. I didn't think it was a tree, I thought it was Frankenstein, and that Franky was coming through the window to kidnap me. Oh, and Ian (that's my brother's name) and I would threaten to run away. My mother would tell us to go. So once, we ran outside and around the side of the house, and pretended to have run off, which lasted about 5 minutes. Then we went back inside and my mother punished us. I got punished a lot actually.

But today is about celebration, and my brother, not how often I got punished. So Happy Birthday Ian.

Posted by jamye at June 2, 2021 01:29 PM