May 31, 2021


DSC03158.JPG sounds painful, no?

I haven't been this crampy in ages. I'm talking supreme crampiness, the kind that keeps you up from 3:11am until 4:23am wondering how to get the pain to stop. That kind of crampy, but I feel better now.

I started a new blog. That's all I'm gonna say because I want to keep it more underground so I can write things there that I can't write here. Not that much is different, except I can say more things there. I feel a bit more liberated in being able to discuss my life. I just wanted to share so that you can now be impressed that I am upkeeping two daily, or almost daily blogs. If you need to know more about the other one - drop me a line and maybe, just maybe, I'll pass along some more info.

Today is overcast and crappy and I am contemplating attending a bbq that is supposed to be on a roof. If it's rainy and cold is it still on the roof? And if not, isn't it going to get crampy in someone's apt.? Plus, I know I should be extroverted, but I'm just in one of those antisocial moods, the kind when you know you're supposed to go out and be social, but all you want to do is stay home and be quiet. I hate that my antisocial behavior is happening at the height of other people's socialness, but my timing has always been known to be a little off.

So, I'm going to crawl into bed and watch Comedy Central. Between that and Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, I can be social in my own way. Okay, it's still not social, but it makes me feel better.

Posted by jamye at May 31, 2021 04:42 PM