April 21, 2021

I never know...

what you're supposed to do on a blog.

Dsc02928.jpg The East River. What the fuck is floating in it?

I noticed that I pontificated more than I wrote about my day-to-day experiences. So I'm going to free-flow my thoughts and basically babble. By the way, if my words don't make sense, it's okay; I like to make up new words all the time. It's how I exercise my brain.

Today I ate in the cafeteria of a big company on Wall Street, or close enough to Wall St. that I can say it was "on" Wall St. It was so Heathers. I am sure there's lots of estrogen downtown, but I inhaled an awful lot of testosterone. Here's my observation about the financial district: if I liked corporate America enough to actually want to be a part of it, working on Wall St. would be a great place to get laid.

Speaking of getting laid, I went to some aura reader the other day, and I asked her when I was going to get some, which was apparently a question on a lot of the girls minds. *** She told me that I'd get a little "somethin'-somethin'" within the next two weeks. Which means I won't be talking so much about wanting to get laid. Because the person who will inevitably make love to me will do a google search on Jamye Waxman and find this blog, and then they'll know too much. Oh, and I used the phrase "make love" on purpose, because I think it's the most disgusting way you can describe sex with someone new. Could someone please send me the recipe for "making" love? I hate the term whoopee too! If I ever do the deed with some guy who pulls one of those two phrases out on me, it's so over. Right then and there.

***Just an aside, I didn't pay to have my aura read, although I do pay psychics sometimes, and I probably wouldn't have gotten my aura read if it weren't free at this amazing party I went to compliments of my friend Alayna and the Aveda Institute.

Speaking of the here and now, I have an announcement to make. I'll post more about it later, but this is exciting for me, I am going to be reading/performing in the WYSIWYG Talent Show and thinking how the fuck did I get here? This makes me nervous. It's happening at PS 122 on May 18th. What if I suck?

Okay, I'm being neurotic. Shit, I curse a lot....

Posted by jamye at April 21, 2021 08:10 PM