April 07, 2021

As if he needed an excuse...

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I've skewed the story just a little - to make the article more readable. Nevertheless, the story is real, and the parts I took out were the ones that said, "research says, bladah, bladah, blah..." Research showed that there was a "small percentage" of men who ejaculate A LOT and still get cancer. Well, obviously, we can't completely generalize here, can we? Different strokes for different folks, that's how the saying goes anyway...
Frequent Sex May Reduce Prostate-Cancer Risk, Study Shows
April 6 (Bloomberg) -- Frequent sexual activity may reduce a man's risk of
prostate cancer, according to a study in the April 7 Journal of the American
Medical Association.

The cancer risk in men who reported more than 20 monthly ejaculations was 33
percent less than that of other men, the Harvard University study showed.
Elevated testosterone has been tied to both a high sex drive and prostate
cancer, which had led scientists to propose a link between cancer and sexual

There are several ways in which frequent ejaculations may protect against
prostate cancer, the researchers said. The activity may flush out a buildup
of toxins in the prostate, lessen development of tiny crystals linked to
some cancers, and improve the immune system's response to cancer, Leitzmann,
I assume he's a scientist since I probably cut out the part of the article
that introduced him as such,

How It May Work

Ejaculation also may release psychological tension, quieting central nervous
system activity that may contribute to prostate- cell division and cancer
growth, the researchers said.

Almost all the previous research showed sexual activity increased cancer
risk, he said. Those studies may have been biased because researchers asked
patients to recall activities that occurred years earlier, before they were
diagnosed with cancer and received treatment, which may interfere with
sexual activity, he said.

``What we can say is that this hormonal hypothesis needs to be
re-evaluated,'' said Leitzmann, who led the study when he was a
post-doctoral student at Harvard. ``It would be good for future research to
focus on different biological mechanisms.''
Sex. It ain't just for screwin' anymore.

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