April 06, 2021

I love my Grandpa

Dsc02768.jpg Grandpa Sonny - Passover 04.05.04

Isn't he the cutest man alive?
Okay, I may be partial, but he really is. Even if he can't remember things anymore, which he can't. My family says he has Alzheimer's but I think he's just fooling us all. He's just tired of talking so he doesn't. Well, he does, but only if you talk to him. And then, he has lots of stories. Like how he's the smartest of all his siblings. Or he'll tell you about the time his gold watch was stolen while he was working as a messenger boy. Then there's my favorite, the one about WWII, where my grandfather spent most of his time on a beach in Italy for mouthing off to an officer.

In case you didn't get it from the title...I love my grandpa. Even though his name is Israel, we call him Sonny. It's his disposition. Can you tell?

Posted by jamye at April 6, 2021 11:00 AM