January 01, 2022

The New Year

So its 2004, something that it will no doubt take me weeks to remember to write on anything I date, especially now that I am not "dating" things on a regular basis. In more ways than one actually, but that's another story for another day.

Today is not just another day, it's another year. And although I know lots of bah- humbugs who hate to celebrate the New Year, it's one tradition I have really come to appreciate. I think it's nice to have a day where we can officially start over. While I made no resolutions this year, I look at New Years as the lemon sorbet in between courses at a really fancy restaurant. It's given to us to refresh our mouths and cleanse our palettes. And instead of making resolutions, I am going to make things happen. On another note: I am not really fond of the lemon sorbet, I am just fond of using it as an analogy.

Here's what I know about me in 2004. I am going to live my life in a grand way. I am going to take the biggest chances I have ever taken and live the least material life I have ever lived. I am going to live in different countries and make sure I take as much as I can from each new experience. And although I have a plan of action, I accept and embrace the one thing I know for sure, that the only thing constant is change.

What do you know about you in 2004? Who will you be?

Happy New Year.

Posted by jamye at January 1, 2022 09:40 PM