December 25, 2021

Ho Ho Ho

So today is Christmas, a very lonely holiday for a Jew. It's also Hanukkah still, or that's at least what my sister tells me, but I guess after six days, Hanukkah gets to be old news. I was all decked out in Christmas spirit because how many other days a year can you wear red and green like this?! and my sister and I went to volunteer at the SF Rescue Mission. Our leader Veasna didn't speak English well and he had very little idea what he was doing. While I thought it would be satisfactorily fulfilling to help the less fortunate on Christmas Day, I felt pretty hollow. After one hour this was how we looked:
So we left as disgruntled volunteers instead of Santa's little helpers. Next year I will find some nice old lonely person and feed them on Christmas because sometimes I'm the kind of girl who likes instant gratification.
Hope you have a happy holiday!

Posted by jamye at December 25, 2021 04:23 PM